MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

The main task of MES systems is the measurement of system productivity and obtaining objective data in this matter. This type of functionality is crucial, for the implementation of such methods of managing production as: Lean Management or Gemba Makes the Profit calls for the specific knowledge of how the production process operates. The data that is needed include: production cycle times, deviation from the standards, cuts switching times, malfunction time, etc. More precise knowledge of the root causes of all hypothetical problems occurring at the time of the production process promotes more effective problem-solving.
A well-introduced measurement system allows more optimum exploitation of resources and eventually receives a competitive advantage.

By using digital sensors or machinery signals, one is able to collect data concerning this machine. Furthermore, by using barcodes and scanner-assisted systems, one is able to gather information including the employee and his/her work. As a result, the data may be taken advantage of in terms of measuring the efficiency of production employees, machinery or the effectiveness of maintenance department.